Weekly review by Venetia and Jamie (23.10.15)

This week has been rather normal, in Science we made some corn flour slime. We mixed corn flour with water and then we experimented with it. It made a liquid that was very viscous. It was very strange because when you touched it, it felt hard. If you made a ball with it, it would stay hard for a couple of seconds before going all gloopy again. It was really sticky and lots of fun to play with. If you try it at home make sure you add some food colouring to make it nice and colourful. Today we showed a collective worship presentation. It included all the things we have been looking in collective worship over this half term (such as topics on Truth, Peace and the refugees). In the library we have created a prayer space. It is an area for writing down ways in which we can make peace, for prayers, reflection quiet time and relaxation and to play peace snap. In family groups this week we decided that we would dress up as Heroes and Champions for Children in Need next term. The day will include a sandwich making competition and lots of fun and games in our family groups. We hope you all have a wonderful and dun half term. See you soon.