Weekly review by Venetia and Edie (02.12.16)

We are all getting very excited about Christmas, we have started practising our Christmas nativity. Venetia is going to be a very lovely camel and Edie is a wonderful narrator. It’s going to be spectacular! We have started to decorate the Christmas trees and the classrooms, it’s all looking very festive. On Monday years 5 and 6 went to South Molton Community College for an athletics tournament. We did really well and came 3rd out of 9 in the relay, missing out on 2nd by 0.1 second. We came 3rd overall! Well done everyone. On Tuesday the football team went to a match against Beaford and won by 7-1. Fantastic! Next week is Christmas craft week. Don’t forget your jars. We are all excited to find out what we are going to be making. We have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. KS2 have a trip to Exeter museum to find out more about them. They will also be visiting the synagogue to learn more about the Jewish religion.