Weekly review by Sophie and Rhianna (12.02.16)

Today the year 3s have been doing archery. They have been doing archery for a few weeks now, today was the last day. We have all improved since we started. It’s been really fun and today we all received badges and certificates. We got some great tips from the instructor. Yesterday key stage 2 went on a trip to Exeter to see the Cathedral and the Mosque. The Cathedral was massive and shaped like a cross. There were some candle stands which people light in remembrance of those they have lost. People at the Cathedral are building a replica Cathedral out of lego, we watched them as they built. The Mosque was red and we had to take our shoes off to enter. We went into the praying rooms of the men and the ladies, they are kept separate inside. We had some biscuits and orange juice and listened to the Islam prayer. It was very long. To finish of our lunch we went to a lovely garden with statues. We got the train to and from Exeter and we all had an amazing day. Today is Amy and Lily Shirley’s last day at High Bickington. They have moved house so will be moving schools also. We would like to wish them the best of luck and hope they have fun at their new schools. We will all miss them very much. We hope they make some really really nice friends.