Weekly review by Ollie and Tiya (6.5.16)

This week we have been for swimming lessons at South Molton swimming pool. Tiya did brilliantly and went all the way under. She retrieved objects from the bottom of the pool. Ollie was practising backstroke using the woggles. In science we have been learning about rocks and soils, we learnt the different types of rocks. The names of the different rock types are igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic and man made rocks. In music we have been learning about music from Ghana, they use drums and talking. We also listened to a piece of acapella music. We really liked this style of music. We have been looking at clocks and learning to tell the time in maths. We are all getting much better at it. We have been learning lots of new words in French. This week we have focused on different sports. Velo means riding a bike, escalade means climbing and la natation means swimming.