Weekly review by Oliver B and Holly J (20.05.16)

Last week key stage 2 had SATs, they all tried their best and made it through the week. On Friday to celebrate finishing the SATs (and because it was so sunny) we had a water fight. It was really fun and wet. This week the year 2s have been doing their SATs we are sure everyone has done brilliantly. Yesterday class 2 had a pretend wedding in the church. Charlie was the groom and Zarah was the bride, everyone dressed up really pretty and it went well. We have all made a school joke book and this week it has been on sale. We have raised around £70 so far and you can still buy a book for £1 over the next week. We are hoping to buy some new playground equipment. Yesterday was our last swimming session, it has been really great fun and everyone has improved so much. Lyla, Esme, Leah and Zarah are moving to different schools after half term as they are all moving away. We will miss them very much and wish them good luck at their new schools we know that they will make lots of fantastic new friends.