Weekly review by Molly M and Brandon H (07/10/16)

2 weeks ago we had sports day, everyone had fun participating. Our favourite events were javelin, hurdles and running. Molly came 1st in the running race and Brandon came 2nd in javelin. The winning family group was Enterprise. Well done to everyone though. It was a great day. Last Friday we had the harvest festival. It went really well, all of the harvest gifts are being split between Encompass and The Freedom Centre. We think that they are really good causes. We have chosen our new school council. The new members are Fin A, Chloe V, Charlie B, Grace B, Isla A, Sam B, Archie M and Emily V. We are sure they will make a great school council and they have already had some meetings. Mr Rogo has started taking guitar and piano lessons this year. Brandon is having guitar lessons. He likes his lessons a lot and can tell that he is already getting better. He has been practising the G, B and E strings. A few weeks ago we had a football match at Beaford against Beaford. We won 7-2. Brandon scored his first goal. Congratuations! In art we have started making superhero or supervillain masks, they are really cool. Molly is making a supervillain mask which is red orange and yellow and Brandon is making a superhero mask which is blue, black, pink and orange. They are going to look awesome when they are finished.