Weekly review by Jack and Charlie E (04/12/15)

Lets start with the football.. We (the football team) went to Witheridge on Wednesday to play 2 matches. We lost both matches, 1 match by 2-1 and the other match by 5-0. They were good teams and we all had fun. Charlie E is entering a competition to get the school a drawing workshop that will be delivered by a professional illustrator. He had to make up a story about how Snoopy had to get back home from Paris. It was in a cartoon form and the more imagination used the more chance of winning. Charlie’s cartoon was super and we hope he does well. Good Luck! In literacy we have been doing story planning. Its a disaster story about a house that gets flooded. We used a story mountain to make note of good words to use. The year 6s choose what their stories would be about on the computers. Charlie KH’s story is about Volcanoes, Charlie E’s is about Tornado Charley, Tommy’s is about a forest fire and Harvey’s is about a hurricane. They are on their way to making great stories. Class 3 have been making Ginger bread houses. Yesterday they rolled out their ginger dough and baked it. Today they constructed their houses, they smell so nice and yummy. Class 1 and 2 have been working together for most of the week. They have been learning lots about the Jolly Postman. In our family groups we have been making Christmas poems. Some groups are performing them, some are singing them and others are writing and reading them out. Its a competition between family groups, we hope the best group wins.