Weekly review by Holly J and Edie (09/09/16)

Welcome back to school, we have all had a really amazing and fun summer. We are ready to be back at school and looking forward to this year. The first week back has been great. There are lots of new faces around the school, both children and adults. Our new topic for the term is superheroes and monsters. Today we started writing some biographies about paralympians. The athlete that Holly is writing about is called Hannah and she uses a  wheelchair. She had a race against Prince Harry and she beat him. He told her how nice her hands were.  Mr Norton is teaching again, we are really excited about this. We think maths might get a little harder soon. Science has been interesting. We are starting to learn about forces and magnets, we did a quiz to start with. In music we have been picking our new harvest songs, we chose 4 songs. In PE we have been learning new techniques for catching. For smaller balls you use your hands like a venus fly trap, cupping your hands together and bringing the ball towards your body when you catch it. We’ve started learning a little French. To start with we learnt a french song in music.