Weekly review by Harvey and Edie (02/10/15)

This is your first blog of the new school year, better late than never. On Monday we had our Harvest festival. Last week each class made a different soup for after the service and Learning Lions made bread rolls. We made tomato and basil, Potato and (a hint) of leek and carrot and coriander. They were all very tasty. The Harvest festival went really well and everyone sang beautifully. On the Tuesday the year sixes (with Mrs Pearce), divided the gifts into packages and went and delivered them to people in the village. Everyone was really grateful. Last Friday we had our sports day, the weather was charming and everyone did super and tried their hardest. In science this week, year 3 and 4 did a few experiments. The first one they had a pot, water and vitamin c tablet. They had to put the water and tablet in the pot and shake it, They took a step back and watched the lid pop off. After, they watched Mrs Strickland put a bag of soft mints into a bottle of coke, this made the coke fly out of the bottle. They are learning about solids. liquids and gases and any reactions that might happen if you mix 2 together. The first few weeks of school have been brilliant.