Weekly review by Charlie KH and Jack (22.01.16)

This term our topic is Icy Worlds. We are learning all about explorers, mountain climbers and polar bears. Learning lions have done lots of work and investigations on polar bears. In science we have been learning about the human body. We have been learning different bones and the 3 functions of the skeleton. They are to support, protect and move. This week we learnt about the different teeth and what teeth are made of. In literacy we have been writing letters to people in High Bickington, to try and persuade them to stop polluting and help us save the penguins and polar bears. We have been learning the recorder in music. We have been learning the different notes on the recorder and how to play nursery songs like ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and ‘Hot cross buns’. In PE we have been doing basket ball and dancing. Today we are saying good bye to Dante and Mia and we wish them good luck in their new school.