Weekly review by Charlie B and Riley M (21.10.16)

Today is Superhero and monster day. In art this week we made superhero and monster masks to wear today. Charlie’s mask is a Flash mask which is black and orange and Riley’s is Colour boy and it is multicoloured. In PE we got up to 15 minutes of running whilst Mr Norton was catching us out by throwing balls to us whilst we were running. We also practiced our dummy throws to each other. We have been learning a story about the Egyptians and the Jews. We practiced acting out the story which was about building the pyramids. We had an elicitation task in maths which was to work out the answers using partition and standard written method. Today we are all dressed as superheroes and monsters, everyone looks fantastic. Riley is Batman and Charlie is a zombie, very scary! Class 1 and 2 have been doing lots of challenges this morning in teams, helping figures to cross swamps and rescuing victims from tall towers. Happy birthday to James W, Max and Lucy  for today.