Weekly review by Brandon and Tommy (27/11/15)

On Tuesday, Brandon, Tommy, Jamie, Fin A, Fin B, Charlie KH, Thomas and Ollie went to a football match against Morchard Bishop, we had lots of fun plying but unfortunately we lost. On Sunday some children went to Rock and Rapid to take part in a climbing competition. They all really enjoyed themselves. The boys came 16th and the girls managed to get 15th. Well done all who took part! We have been learning about 2D shapes and angles in maths. In literacy we have been been doing some descriptive writing about the book ‘The Flood’. The book only has pictures so we had to describe what was happening in the first picture. This week we have started practising our Christmas play. It will be on the 17th December, the songs are really catchy and it’s also quite funny. We are looking forward to performing it. Next Thursday the drama club are putting on a performance which we can’t wait to see. In Music we have been learning about famous Jazz Musicians like Louis Armstrong and finding out how ‘scat’ music began. Louis Armstrong dropped the backing track music and then he had to sing the backing music by himself and that is how ‘scat’ music began.