weekly review by Amy and Charlie KH

On Thursday the netballers ( Rhianna, Fin A, Leah, Ellie, Edie, Venetia, Molly M and Myself (Amy)) went to play a netball tournament at South Molton Community College. We won 1 out of our 4 matches. We were one of the youngest teams so we were very proud of ourselves. Ellie and Fin scored 1 goal each. Mrs Dunn and Mrs Pearce went on a ‘lets get cooking’ course, so we had Mrs Radcliff. In maths we used a chart to work out the difference in distance of countries, we used one starting country and found the distance to other countries. To find the difference in distance we had to take the shorter distance away from  the longer distance. We did this using number lines, expanded method and mental method. In science we observed what would happen to different solids when they were heated. We wrote down our observations as they happened. We also grew some crystals. You had to put the crystals into a solution which was made with copper sulphate and then you had to wait. Hopefully they will start growing soon. We will let you know how they have done next week.