Weekly review by Holly J and Edie (09/09/16)

Welcome back to school, we have all had a really amazing and fun summer. We are ready to be back at school and looking forward to this year. The first week back has been great. There are lots of new faces around the school, both children and adults. Our new topic for the term is superheroes and monsters. Today we started writing some biographies about paralympians. The athlete that Holly is writing about is called Hannah and she uses a  wheelchair. She had a race against Prince Harry and she beat him. He told her how nice her hands were.  Mr Norton is teaching again, we are really excited about this. We think maths might get a little harder soon. Science has been interesting. We are starting to learn about forces and magnets, we did a quiz to start with. In music we have been picking our new harvest songs, we chose 4 songs. In PE we have been learning new techniques for catching. For smaller balls you use your hands like a venus fly trap, cupping your hands together and bringing the ball towards your body when you catch it. We’ve started learning a little French. To start with we learnt a french song in music.

Weekly review by Fin A and Thomas (08/07/16)

Today we have sent letters to Lyla. Molly sent her one first and she replied so we all decided to write her a letter. She says that she misses everyone but she is getting on well and making new friends. She said that she will send us a picture of her new school badge soon. Yesterday key stage 2 went on a school trip to Lyme Regis fossil hunting. It was a good day even though Thomas and Jack got a little present from a seagull. Fin found 3 ammonite fossils and Thomas found 2. Fin found his in a large piece of clay. Thomas cracked a stone to find his fossils. This afternoon there is a cricket match in Chulmleigh, we wish everyone in the team luck. Last week classes 3 and 4 went to a dance festival at Winkleigh, it was really good and we all enjoyed watching the other schools dancing and showing them ours.

Weekly review by Molly B and Freya (17.06.16)

Today we have started super hero maths, you get 3 minutes and 50 seconds for each side of the paper. Today’s was batman (2, 5 and 10 times tables), lots of us passed so now we have to train for Hawkgirl. It’s really fun. Hawkgirl is our 3 and 4 times tables. We have also been practising our fractions, we are getting lots better. Last week the football team went to Witheridge for a tournament, they did really well and got into the semi finals. In literacy we have been learning about Myths and legends. A myth is something that some people believe is true and it has been passed on over the years until now. Legends are something that happened a long time ago and now no one knows if they are real or not. Today we have been copying out our ‘invent’ for our stories. Freya’s story is about princess Freya and the dragon and Molly’s is about princess Sophie and the alien king. In RE we have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita. It’s a story that is happy and sad, there is a demon that had 10 heads and 20 arms and a king monkey that is in charge of all of the animals. The demon and the king monkey had a battle that lasted 9 days and 9 nights. The King monkey won the battle. This term we are learning about the Olympics. We have been learning about Brazil this week and we have been comparing Brazil to England. It is interesting learning about how the Olympics started and how they have changed to how they are now.

Weekly review by Oliver B and Holly J (20.05.16)

Last week key stage 2 had SATs, they all tried their best and made it through the week. On Friday to celebrate finishing the SATs (and because it was so sunny) we had a water fight. It was really fun and wet. This week the year 2s have been doing their SATs we are sure everyone has done brilliantly. Yesterday class 2 had a pretend wedding in the church. Charlie was the groom and Zarah was the bride, everyone dressed up really pretty and it went well. We have all made a school joke book and this week it has been on sale. We have raised around £70 so far and you can still buy a book for £1 over the next week. We are hoping to buy some new playground equipment. Yesterday was our last swimming session, it has been really great fun and everyone has improved so much. Lyla, Esme, Leah and Zarah are moving to different schools after half term as they are all moving away. We will miss them very much and wish them good luck at their new schools we know that they will make lots of fantastic new friends.

Weekly review by Ollie and Tiya (6.5.16)

This week we have been for swimming lessons at South Molton swimming pool. Tiya did brilliantly and went all the way under. She retrieved objects from the bottom of the pool. Ollie was practising backstroke using the woggles. In science we have been learning about rocks and soils, we learnt the different types of rocks. The names of the different rock types are igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic and man made rocks. In music we have been learning about music from Ghana, they use drums and talking. We also listened to a piece of acapella music. We really liked this style of music. We have been looking at clocks and learning to tell the time in maths. We are all getting much better at it. We have been learning lots of new words in French. This week we have focused on different sports. Velo means riding a bike, escalade means climbing and la natation means swimming.

Weekly review by Caitlin and Rhianna (22.04.16)

This week has been jam packed, yesterday we went to tag rugby at South Molton Community College, it was really good fun but a bit tiring. We came third in our group. In the afternoon we went back to South Molton for our first swimming lesson of the term. We were all assessed and put into our groups. It was a bit repetitive as it was the first session but it was still amazing. In literacy we have been doing poetry. We did our own versions of Mr Magoo’s amazing zoo and we made our own poems called teacher teacher. Here are our Teacher teacher poems…..

Teacher teacher                                                                                                        If you can’t find Molly                                                                                              She’s in the trolley                                                                                                   with her new dolly                By Rhianna

Teacher teacher                                                                                                        If you can’t find May                                                                                                She’s at home                                                                                                           Getting ready to play           By Caitlin

In Maths we have been learning about right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and reflex angles, we are finding them quite challenging. I am sure we will get the hang of them soon though.

Weekly review by Charlie KH (15/04/16)

Welcome back, we hope everyone has had a good Easter, I certainly did. Unfortunately during the holidays some people came and vandalised the playground. I have written a newspaper article about it so I hope you all get chance to read it. It is attached to the bottom of this blog. On a brighter note our new topic is called Reach for the sky, it sounds quite fun. In maths we have been solving geometry problems, some of them are really hard but they are all really fun and we’ve been making our way through them. In PE we have been playing tennis and learning how to get better. I like tennis. In literacy we been using descriptive language to lengthen our sentences and paragraphs. We have been writing persuasive letters, posters and newspaper reports. Next week key stage 2 start going swimming, I’m quite looking forward to it. Reception and Pre-school are also going to start forest school. We have new learning characters at school, they are ‘Perseverance platypus’, ‘Seeking salamander’, ‘Thinking thrasher’, and ‘Friendly firefly’ we hope you hear lots about them over this term.


Vandals in High Bickington

Weekly review by Chloe V and Lyla (26/02/16)

Welcome back from half term, we all hope you had a fun week. We have just been reading a book called Seekers, the last chapter we read was really sad, we hope that there is a happy ending. It is about polar bears and they have been separated by killer wales, we aren’t sure if the mum has died, we hope she hasn’t and that they all find each other. Yesterday in maths we were learning about 1 whole and halves. We got to draw fractions on the tables. In literacy we have been story mapping for braille. Braille is tiny little dots that are bumpy. Blind people use braille to read. Louis Braille was blinded in an accident when he was 3 years old, he invented the Braille system. In science we have been making food group mobiles.

Weekly review by Sophie and Rhianna (12.02.16)

Today the year 3s have been doing archery. They have been doing archery for a few weeks now, today was the last day. We have all improved since we started. It’s been really fun and today we all received badges and certificates. We got some great tips from the instructor. Yesterday key stage 2 went on a trip to Exeter to see the Cathedral and the Mosque. The Cathedral was massive and shaped like a cross. There were some candle stands which people light in remembrance of those they have lost. People at the Cathedral are building a replica Cathedral out of lego, we watched them as they built. The Mosque was red and we had to take our shoes off to enter. We went into the praying rooms of the men and the ladies, they are kept separate inside. We had some biscuits and orange juice and listened to the Islam prayer. It was very long. To finish of our lunch we went to a lovely garden with statues. We got the train to and from Exeter and we all had an amazing day. Today is Amy and Lily Shirley’s last day at High Bickington. They have moved house so will be moving schools also. We would like to wish them the best of luck and hope they have fun at their new schools. We will all miss them very much. We hope they make some really really nice friends.

Weekly review by Edie and Fin B (5.2.16)

Yesterday some of key stage 2 went to a football tournament in South Molton, they played really well and had lots of fun. After school some children went to play cricket with Witheridge at Chulmleigh. They played Chulmleigh, Okehampton, Umberleigh and some other schools. The joint school team did really well and won. Well done! In science the year 5 and 6s have been learning about circulation and whats inside the body. The year 3 and 4s have been learning the different food groups. We have been learning simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences in literacy. We have also been learning the crayon stories and making up our own. We have been creating a salsa dance in PE, They are quite funny. In music we have been writing all about the recorder, such as when it was invented, what it is made of (it use to be made out of bones or elephant tusks) and famous people who played the recorder and collected them.